You Should Know

Telephone And Postal Services

The Czech telephone and postal service, Telecom, is undergoing a major modernization programme.
But there have been a few problems in the transition, and patience is often needed when using the phone.
There are a large number of public phones on street corners and near metro station or you can use a phone in a post office.
Remember that international calls are extremely expensive, no matter what time of day you phone.
You can buy the cards (telefonni karta) from most tabaks and newsstands. Phonecards are available at 80, 100 and 150 units.
The dialling tone is a short note followed by a long one.
The ringing tone consists of long regular notes while the engaged signal has short and rapid notes.
If you have problems getting through to a number in Prague, ring the directory and ask for an English speaker.
There are a number of post offices in Prague. But the best and largest one is the Main Post Office in Jindrisska just off Wenceslas Square. It has a huge variety of services.

The postal service is fast, efficient and cheap. There is no first or second class mail in the Czech Republic, but the majority of letters usually arriva at their destination within a few days.
If you want to send something more valuable through the post, use the registered mail service.
Postcards or letters can be posted in the many orange post boxes scattered around Prague.
Both take around five working days to arriva in England and about a week to get to America.
Stamps you can buy from post offices, tabaks or newsagents - who will also tell you what stamps you need.

Reaching The Right Number

International (Czech) directory enquiries121
Prague directory enquiries and the operator120
International exchange and to make a collect call (ask for an English-speaker)0132
Prague from elsewhere in the Czech Republic02
International call followed by the country code00
Any problems0135
In case of emergencies ring Police158