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JOMYS travel company, Inc. was founded in 1989 by PHDr Jolana MYSLIVCOVA.
Jolana's vision was to provide the best service for visitors in the Czech Republic immediately after the switching to the democratic state when this service wasn't available.
Through the years Jolana's vision has been realized and JOMYS has become a premier Czech travel agency for visitors of Prague and the whole Czech Republic.

Staff - JOMYS's staff have long experiences and detailed knowledge provide for world-class customer service. JOMYS travel agency runs a school teaching travel employees for other travel agencies so JOMYS really knows!

JOMYS, tourist centrum
Na Morani 5
Prague 2
Call : +420 602 H-O-T-E-L-S
Tel: +420 2 29 45 10
Fax +420 2 29 58 67
Email: jomys@agencyjomys.cz