General conditions

of attendance, cancellation and complaint conditions

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1) Service orders

It is necessary to order all the services in a written way (fax, postal service, e-mail). Binding telephone orders are not accepted, the only service we provide on the telephone is information. The order must contain the client's name (or the name of the travel agency), arrival date, departure date, place of stay, required accommodation category (or the name of the hotel) and other required services (transfers, theatre tickets etc.). We confirm the order as soon as possible by fax, e-mail or by postal service) or we prepare a special offer according to your wishes and demands.

2) Prices and services

All prices are mentioned in our offer. In case you wish to arrange other services or a special offer for you we will calculate the price individually. There are different prices for groups. Each 21st person is free of charge. The price is confirmed together with the confirmation of the order.

3) Payment


Can either pay on their credit card or in their bank straight to our bank account. In case you wish to pay on your credit card we will send you a credit card form to fill in. You can pay in cash as well but you have to send us the filled-in credit card form anyway to secure the booking. We accept Master Card, Visa, American Express and JCB. We do not accept checks.

Travel agencies and groups, please ask for further details.


We will send you an invoice for the advance payment, which is 50 per cent of the total price. The payment is due 30 days before the service starts to be provided. The rest must be paid before the service starts.

4) Cancellation fees, cancellation terms


Unless we receive your cancellation at least 10 days before the service starts to be provided we charge you for the first night of accommodation. In case your booking is secured we charge the amount from your credit card automatically. Ordered theatre tickets are charged in a full price.

Travel agencies and groups, please ask for further details.


In case you cancel the ordered services at least 45 days before the service starts there is no cancellation fee. days before the service starts cancellation fee

dayscancellation fee
45 to 2520 % of the price of the accommodation
24 to 1050 % of the price of the accommodation, transfers and ordered tickets
9 to 480 % of the price of the accommodation, transfers and ordered tickets
up to 3100 % of all the ordered services

5) Complaints

In case the services are not provided in the ordered quality and quantity, the client has the right to make a complaint. The complaint must be made as soon as possible to the guide or in our office, or in the hotel so that the situation can be worked out immediately (you can call the number 420-603-HOTELS). In case the problem cannot be solved at once, the client has to inform our travel agency or the guide in a written way without delay.

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