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Dear Lenka !

I hope You are still working there and I hope that you can remember me. Last year we visited Prague and we enjoyed very much our trip. This year we have same idea. Now we have planned to come in august. And again we need a hotel, maybe the same as last year (hotel U Semeka, if I remember right). We are coming on Sunday 13th August and leaving on next Sunday. Can You offer that reservation ? What could be the price. One double room and safe place for car. Or another hotel somewhere in Prague.
Best regards, waiting to hear something about you.

Pekka Salminen

Dear Lenka

We arrived yesterday from Prage. We had a very nice time in your city. I'm sorry that we hadn't met, but we can't have everything. I wish u the best and hope to be in the next time in this wonderful place again.


Hello Lenka,

We got back from Prague on Tuesday.
I just want to Thank you very much for everything that you organized - we had a very nice time and the hotel was perfect.
I look forward to talking to you again the next time I go to Prague (which will be soon I hope).
Thank you again,

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